In the Clutches of These Colors


20.Brazilian.Berklee.PK, MK, TCK.Composer/songwriter.Kinda smart.
Really foolish.Thinks too much.Imperfect.Writes a lot.Dreams.Believes.

(carpe noctem~)

Pictures out there hold my heart
In the clutches of their colors
And shapes of the stars descend to tell me
That my soul belongs
Or without
Your approval

Everyone says it’s nice to feel, that it’s beautiful when someone is passionate about something, but oftentimes I feel ostracized by my sense of wonder. I feel isolated in feeling too much- or at least in feeling so much that it seems like it’s too much compared to other people.

It’s pointless to be around people that don’t let you follow the paths your heart tugs you onto. I’m sick of trying to portray the person that speaks his mind, the guy that does things because he thinks other people want him to; I’ve only been doing that a little bit lately and I’m already sick of who I am in those instances.

So here’s to honesty. Here’s to humility, and confidence, and not giving two shits what anyone thinks unless their wisdom can shape us into better people.

Here’s a reminder to myself and to you that we don’t have to say the right words; they just have to ring true in our mouths. Forget the written rhythms and use the pulse you were born with.

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